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Recycled beanie

Lumberjack’s beanie beige


Lumberjack’s beanie burgundy


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Lumberjack’s beanie graphite


Lumberjack’s beanie navy blue


Lumberjack’s beanie green


Lumbrjack’s beanie mustard


We are proud to present recycled beanies by KABAK! This is a completely new collection made of cotton made entirely of old jeans. Therefore, no extra bush of cotton was collected to sew our hats :) In this way, we not only generate no additional waste, but also effectively help to reuse clothes that already existed. The cotton used in our recycled beanies is certified by the Recycled Blended Claim Standard, which confirms responsible yarn sourcing and guarantees that the material is produced in a sustainable way.

In the collection of recycled hats, we also took care of an ecological finish. Each beanie has a tag on a side which is made of recycled PET bottles. All this so that you can be sure that you choose a product that is really sustainable.

Lumberjack beanie, because that’s the nickname we have given to our ecological beanies, are warm, but do not overheat, because they are made of natural cotton yarn that "breathes". The addition of polyamide gives the fibers durability, thanks to which the material is durable despite reworking, and the cap will serve you for a long time. Lumberjack hats are available in several universal colors, among which everyone will find something for themselves, regardless of gender and age. Get to know our recycled caps and enjoy a hat that is not only sustainably produced, but will also accompany you for many years :)


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