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Beanies with pompom

For the colder days you can have one coat, one pair of shoes but you should have at least a couple of hats because they allow your to transform your look with little effort.

We know it perfectly that is why we create universal, unisex collection with more emphasis on style. In KABAK’s offer you can find classic beanies as well as less formal ones like these - beanies with pompoms.

Pompoms for adults? Why not!

Who wouldn’t want to feel careless like a child? Your look can change a lot regarding your mood. That is why in our collection you will find a couple of beanies with pompoms. These beanies are the largest out of them all. They will make your look more optimistic. It will be a sign to others that you have a sense of humour, distance to yourself and you’re full of positive energy!

This beanie you can wear for urban looks as well as the mountains or the sea. Beanie with pompom is universal for both, women and men, no matter of age.

High quality KABAK’s yarn

Beanies with pompoms are made fully using acrylic. This high quality yarn ensures that your beanie will be a great protection from cold, low temperatures, rain, snow or even strong wind. Beanie is very soft and nice to touch and very elastic therefore it will quickly adjust to the shape and size of your head. Additionally, you can roll up the cuff of your beanie, up and down to choose the size of your hat. Faux-leather patch at the front of the cuff adds just a little bit more style and character.

Regarding the fact that acrylic is a synthetic and delicate yarn, we recommend you to wash it by hand. Using washing machine is also possible on a setting of 30 degrees - however, in this case we cannot guarantee that the fabric won’t be pilling and that the beanie won’t be electrifying your hair and won’t be whateva.


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