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Everything you'd like to know about us...

Magazyn, 26 february 2019
Everything you'd like to know about us...

About Kasia, Kuba and KABAK

There are many reasons why we moved on with the project called KABAK. At the beginning, there was one main thing: good fun. Already in the meantime we realized that with great fun comes also a huge responsibility - for creating products and a brand, which are honest and mature and which its employees, co-workers and clients can count on! This whole time we've been trying to create universal and timeless products, which will be at the same time a bit characteristic for our own style. We decided that KABAK will become a brand that will be for everyone. We feel obliged to stick to this principle. You don't feel the spirit of our socks? You will see in them your aunt, uncle, daughter, granddaughter, and maybe even grandma or grandpa! Even we did not expect it at the beginning, but our friends put us straight very quickly :) In our #kabakteam everyone is completely different. Privately we have completely different interests and ways of spending free time. We feel that this diversity is the key to keep our brand just the way it is now. Everyone is supposed to feel good and comfortable with us . You will see the variety, that we mentioned, in our products. There is a classic part and a crazy part, there are elegant designs and those that you can easily wear for a party with your friends! :)

How we work? 

KABAK from the start was about being local. We want to focus on the segments that are best developed in our local area. Poland with its well-known textile manufacturers for centuries had deep and long traditions. That is something that we, young generation want to carry on to keep the heritage that we have.
Locally, we have access to the highest quality materials and machines and even more importantly very well trained staff who ensures quality on all sort of stages of creating a product - from manufacturing to landing on the shelf.
One of the staples of our philosophy is for all of our products to be very easy to try on so you can be pretty sure straight away whether this is something for you. We feel like this tactic work very well for us and everyone else, since our products become this way easier to buy as a gift. We keep some designs that are available in our offer non-stop although limited editions, like products for Christmas or Children's day, is also something that do on regular basis.
We hope that you share our vision with us!


KABAK has been only growing and growing since we started. It really surprises us ourselves of how quickly we managed to achieve so much. And this is still only the beginning. We are also aware that we need to be thinking really hard about our products being in harmony with us and everything around us. We want to show that large company can be responsible, honest and fair. In order not to hurt any animals and keep the environment safe we decided to stop using any materials of animal origin. Also, in vast majority our materials are certified by Oeko-Tex. Apart of that, we also manufacture all of our products in Poland (where we are from) to ensure that we can keep the business fair for all of the sides and still remain local. 

We want to be as transparent to everyone as we possibly can be. If you have any more questions do not hesitate to contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible with all the details :) It really feels nice being good, right?


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