Glitter heart

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Shiny glitter socks. Made in Poland

Limited edition glitter socks KABAK x Rilke

BLING! BLING! It's shiny, it's girly, it's GLITTERY! Evrything that we, girls love the most!

Made out of highest quality yarn, these socks will get the attention of everyone and will take any party by the storm!

KABAK x Rilke are thin and delicate socks with metallic, lurex shine and comfortable cuff that does not squeeze your feet. Even though these socks seem to be abrasive on the outside, on the inside they are additionally softened to make your comfort even higher. Toes and heel parts will not get rubbed off easily due to polyamid fibre used to strenghten the socks.

Due to low demand for these socks in large size at the moment we don't produce them at the moment. However, we these might be available in the future. :)

Composition: metallised polyester 20% / polyester 35 % / polyamid 43 % / elastane 2 %

Washing and care instructions: wash in the machine. Do not exceed 40 degrees temperature otherwise the socks might shrink.



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