Alkatraz blue thick

20.00 EUR
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Colorful beanie perfect for winter and autumn. Made in Poland

Classic, colourful beanie from KABAK is an essential piece in everybody's wardrobe, especially during autumn/winter time even though it is perfect for all year long adventures wherever you are, whether you're in the mountains or at the seaside or in the forest.

Beanies are very universal due to a simple style therefore can be worn by both women and men. Alkatraz beanie is the thickest one that we have in our offer. This is due to the fact that this beanie is made with two layers of fabric.

Composition: 100% acrylic

All of our beanies are made out of highest quality, dense acrylic fabric which is very warm and sensuous. KABAK beanie is also very elastic due to the nature of acrylic. It may seem to some at first that beanie is a little bit tighter than the usual one although within a couple of days the beanie will adjust to the head therefore we don't recommend borrowing it to someone with a bigger head because it might not come back to its original size. :)

When we were designing this product we really wanted it to fit well to the head to avoid something we call the “dwarf effect”. You can freely adjust its height and shape due to the roll up cuff that is not sewn onto the beanie.

KABAK beanies have very nice detail that makes them even more special. Each one has a small patch with laser cut print.

Washing instructions: Beanie is made out of acrylic therefore we recommend to wash it by hand. Washing in the mashine is possible although on the temperature not exceeding 30 degrees. Please note that after mashine washing there is possibility of teaseling or shrinking. Do not bleach and do not tumble dry. Dry only using traditional methods.

In case you forget there is washing instructions label inside your beanie.



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